What You DON’T Need At Your Kid's Birthday Party

What You DON’T Need At Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Parents are spending record-breaking amounts of money on their kid’s birthday party these days.

While many of these parents are celebrities with exorbitant budgets, we all want to be able to give our kids a birthday to remember every year, forgetting that children have just as much fun with a much more simplified (and cost-effective) celebration. 

And we know, with all the social media platforms constantly boasting moms who seem to have it so together that they throw these perfect, themed birthday parties for their kids. It can certainly be overwhelming as you start to play the comparison game but do you remember the birthday parties of your childhood that were at the McDonald’s PlayPlace and were great fun? (Not to get nostalgic on you or anything.) 

After many years of throwing countless kid’s birthday parties (and maintaining our sanity in the process), we certainly can offer some valuable guidance on what it is you don’t need.

A Mile-Long Guest List

There’s an age-old debate when it comes to kid’s birthday parties of whether or not to invite the whole class and it is certainly a difficult question. But we recommend not inviting the whole class and here’s why: There are likely quite a few kids in your son or daughter’s class that they don’t really know or maybe get along with. 

Don’t allow your fear of offending someone force you to spend hundreds of dollars more than necessary and force your child to spend his or her birthday with someone that wouldn’t make the celebration any more memorable or significant. Instead, ask your child to create a list of five to ten of their closest friends to invite. This may be kids from class or from outside of school activities they are involved in. Or better yet, create a rule that your child can invite as many friends as the age he or she is turning, setting boundaries to keep their parties manageable and intimate early on.

Treat Bags

You are already paying for the kids to have fun, eat cake, and a meal if you so choose, sending them home with a goody bag is not something you are also obligated to provide. And also keep in mind, depending on what it’s full of, his or her mother will probably end up throwing it away the next day anyway. 

If you do want to send the attendees home with a little piece of memorabilia, get creative. Some moms are sending children home with gift cards to bookstores or frozen yogurt shops but this can get a little pricey. Instead, we recommend, if you do feel strange about sending the guests home empty-handed, that you complete a craft during the party time and send the children home with the finished product. This is also a much more sustainable option that will likely not end up in the trash the second they get home. 

Allowing More Than 2 Hours

You’ve got to go into a kid’s birthday party with a battleplan. The objective: get in, have fun, get out. Specify on the invitation a two-hour gap in which the party will take place and stick to it by throwing the party in 3 stages:

  1. Start with a craft, activity, or game as the kids arrive.
  2. Follow it up with a meal (pizza and veggies are an old faithful).
  3. Finish up with cake. 

While two hours may seem too short when you put it on the invitations, trust us, it will pass much more slowly when you’re hosting upwards of 10 kids. 

A Full Meal

Unless you are hosting your party at a venue where food is included like FunVille, keep the party short and in between meals to reduce your stress. If you have a toddler or preschooler who needs a mid-day nap, throw a party mid-morning or late afternoon – think 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. Both these times are far enough from meal times that it won’t leave the parent confused. For older kids, 2-4 p.m. is the perfect time slot. This way, you can get away with just providing snacks, a fruit or veggie tray, and a cake.

Time to Open Presents

Excluding time to open presents will not only cut down on an activity that somehow always takes forever, but it will also give relief to the many children who feel awkward sitting through present unwrapping sessions. 

Your House

Hosting a party at your home will leave you with hours of cleanup when planning the party weeks in advance at someplace outside of your house would’ve saved you so much headache. 

FunVille Playground and Cafe is the perfect place to do just that. With so many all-inclusive options for kids’ birthday parties, we will take care of all the planning and cleanup for you! You won’t have to think about trying to find an entire meal that will satisfy all your partygoers or finding activities to keep them occupied. We’ve got it all covered for you!


  1. Remember that this party is for your kid and kids are most often happiest with the simplest things. Sugar and playtime with friends is really all they want. 
  2. FunVille Playground and Cafe offers all-inclusive party packages that will significantly reduce the stress of planning your kid’s birthday party.

So what are you waiting for?

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