Tips to Planning the Best Kid's Birthday Party

Tips to Planning the Best Kid’s Birthday Party

Planning a kids’ birthday party can be stressful – some say it’s up there with planning a wedding.

There are so many factors to consider: what venue should you choose? What theme should you go with? And how on earth are you supposed to entertain a group of 15+ kids for more than 20 minutes? The solution: FunVille Playground and Cafe. FunVille offers all-inclusive themed and non-themed birthday parties for kids that are sure to blow your kid’s expectations straight out of the water. Here are our top 6 tips to planning your kid’s dream birthday party.

Tip 1: Set a budget

Before you get too carried away with any ideas of throwing the ultimate party you never got to experience as a child, figure out how much time and money you can commit to a party. If booking a venue is a reasonable expense, start looking into reservations as soon as you can. Popular party spots can book up well in advance and you don’t want to end up scrambling. The nice thing about locations that specialize in parties is they take care of most of the planning for you. Just know they can be costly.

Tip 2: Start early

There’s nothing worse than having to run around last-minute in search of party fare, decorations, and the perfect parting gift to give to your guests to ensure they never forget your child’s birthday. You’ll end up buying overpriced items at a big-box store that marks their products up to take advantage of people who need party goods last minute. Try to buy things in bulk and check places like the dollar bin at Target, Dollar Tree, and the 99-cent store for the best deals. 

Starting early applies to sending out invitations too. Nothing ruins a kid’s birthday party quite like guests not showing up!

Tip 3: Opt for the easy

We all want the best for our kids but that doesn’t mean that you have to make it difficult on yourself in order to deliver your child’s dream birthday party. You might remember that, as a child, you were pretty fascinated by simple activities and impressed if there were even balloons decorating a birthday party (even those that aren’t filled with helium). Take advantage of the fact that kids have such vivid imaginations; they’ll get a kick out of something as simple as a treasure hunt for “gold” while you sit back and think just how easy it was to spray paint those pebbles. 

Try using what you have on hand, even if it doesn’t seem like your typical party supply. For example, dot stickers that you have tucked away in your desk drawer can be used to jazz up some plain balloons. Buy a few large items that reinforce the party theme and then stick to affordable basics for the other pieces.

To make it even easier on you and a fellow mother, consider throwing a joint birthday party with a buddy whose birthday falls close to your kid’s. That allows you to split the costs and responsibilities with another family. We do, however, recommend you get each kid their own cake. 

Tip 4: Set a time

When setting the time the party is going to take place, you should take into account the age of the children attending. Is it mostly for young children? Then throwing the party before 1 pm or after 3 pm is best to avoid conflicts with naptime. And for the sake of your sanity, set an end time, that way there’s no question when it’s time to go and no confusion surrounding the clean-up process. For younger kids, an hour and a half is plenty of time and for older kids, two to three hours is enough time to wipe them out. Also, make sure to pick a date that works for all the key players: you, the child’s best friend, Grandma, etc. 

Tip 5: Pick a venue

Why settle on a party at your home when you have FuVville Playground and Cafe conveniently located in either Virginia Beach and Chesapeake? A party at FunVille doesn’t even require all these steps; with one all-inclusive price, we’ll take care of the reservation, invitations, decorations, food and dessert, and a dedicated party helper to assist with anything that may come up. 

Tip 6: Save the gifts for later

To not only save time but also keep tantrum-prone youngsters from getting jealous, we recommend saving the gift-opening until after everyone leaves. And make sure to write down who gave you what so that you can follow each gift up with a thank-you note

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