Best Movies of 2019 That Make Perfect Kid's Birthday Party Themes

Best Movies of 2019 That Make Perfect Kid’s Birthday Party Themes

We’ve seen some awesome birthday party ideas for kids over the years.

We have to admit, though, some of our favorites have been the ones based on popular kid’s movies that are executed perfectly with all of the DIY essentials and cute party favors. If you are in need of some party inspiration for your little one, look no further: here are the best kid’s movies of 2019 that can be turned into great birthday party themes. Or if party planning isn’t your thing, leave it up to the experts at FunVille by discovering our party package offerings. So let’s get started!


Release Date: March 2019

Disney continues to remake its old animated classics with several live-action movies this year, Dumbo being the first of the three released. Dumbo, the adorable flying elephant that tugs on the heartstrings, is the perfect character for a circus-themed birthday party. Here’s how to take it to the next level:

Party Decorations & Activities

  • Popcorn or Cracker Jack boxes make for the perfect candy and toy-filled party favors.
  • Decorations are pretty simple with a red and white-striped backdrop plus clown and circus conductor-themed dress-up items for kids to take pictures. If you want to get really creative, you can create a popcorn balloon arch.
5 Best Movies of 2019 That Make Perfect Kid's Birthday Party Themes

Ugly Dolls

Release Date: May 2019

With an Ugly Dolls party theme, you can embrace your perfectly imperfect party planning skills, allowing both kids and parents alike to show up as they are and unafraid to be themselves! If the outcome of the party doesn’t match your exact vision, it’s ok; in Uglyville, they know beauty is more than meets the eye. That’s the whole premise of the all-star cast movie after all!

And what better way to encourage kids to switch the focus on outer appearances to comfort in themselves than a pajama party?

Party Decorations & Activities

  • Use a black Sharpie to draw an eyeball on a white ping pong ball for the perfect eye-catching table decoration.
  • Set up a game of pin the eye on the Ugly Doll and watch as the kids come up with their own species of ugly-but-actually-pretty-cute dolls.

Toy Story 4

Release date: June 2019

While Toy Story 4 was a new installment in a franchise that started when people that are now parents would’ve been into Disney, it’s one that kids today love just as much. 

Party Decorations & Activities

  • Set up ‘Etch’s Coloring Station’ with a bucket of crayons and Toy Story-themed printables and let the kids use their imagination to fill in the rest.
  • Play pin the face on Mr./Mrs. Potato Head.
  • With square moving boxes and some colorful duct tape, spell out the guest of honor’s name in block letters per this YouTube tutorial. Really cute but also super easy to implement.
5 Best Movies of 2019 That Make Perfect Kid's Birthday Party Themes

The Lion King

Release date: July 2019

Another Disney animated-classic-turned-live-action, the new Lion King release is the perfect excuse for a cute jungle-themed birthday party making decor really easy and fun. 

5 Best Movies of 2019 That Make Perfect Kid's Birthday Party Themes

Party Decorations & Activities

  • Decorate the party tables with faux monstera leaves, stuffed animals, and figurines. 
  • What better party favor snack to send your guests home from a Lion King birthday party with than trail mix? Here’s an especially cute, on-theme recipe

5 Best Movies of 2019 That Make Perfect Kid's Birthday Party Themes

Frozen II

Release date: November 22

If there is one new release that your kids will not stop bugging you to see and theme their birthday party as such, it will be Frozen II. 

Party Decorations & Activities

  • Thread cotton balls on clear thread to create a backdrop of falling snow perfect for pictures or an inviting entryway. 
  • A color scheme of lilac, light blue, white, and silver will make your guests feel like they’re in a magical snowglobe. 
  • Pin the carrot nose on Olaf is a must-play considering how cute and desperate Olaf was for a carrot nose like a real snowman in the movie. 
5 Best Movies of 2019 That Make Perfect Kid's Birthday Party Themes

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