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6 Super-Fun Virtual Reality Games at FunVille Virginia Beach

Virtual Reality is one of the up and coming tech trends right now.

It connects younger generations with the computers they love in a different way and gives adults the nostalgic fulfillment of arcade games – and is fun for all!

FunVille Playground and Cafe’s immersive VR section adds a new dimension to this. Usually a solitary activity, our Virtual Reality room allows players to interact with each other through a number of different games. It’s the first of its kind in Virginia Beach and the greater Hampton Roads area!

These games vary in age level, from fun and simple games for younger children to fighting and combat games for older age groups. 

Here’s a rundown of what we offer, what age they’re recommended for, and what you can expect when playing them:

For ages 6-8+

Fruit Ninja 

This might be a game you’re already familiar with as it was extremely popular in the early age of the iPhone, but get ready to experience it in a completely different way! Instead of just one way to slice, you’re surrounded by 360 degrees of juicy fruit goodness. Luckily you have TWO samurai swords to slash your way through. The Virtual Reality version lets you juggle and skewer for bonus points, too. 

Beat Saber 

Listen to your favorite tracks in immersive surround sound by Panic! At The Disco, Imagine Dragons, and more in this unique game. This one is like a marriage of Fruit Ninja, Guitar Hero, and Dance Dance Revolution. Slice your way through the songs with lightsabers to stay on beat and don’t hit the X’s!

For ages 9-10+

Space Pirate 

This high-energy game is just like jumping into a Space Invaders arcade cabinet from the 80s. You’ll fight off droids and enemy ships with lasers guns – except instead of them being in the lateral line of yesteryear, they’re swirling all around you! Shields are no longer your only safeguard, adding an electrifying new challenge to a classic game. 


This critically-acclaimed game is sharp and simple. Unlike other first-person shooter games, time is only moving when the player is; slow-motion occurs when the user is still and allows them to collect their surroundings. While the premise and design are basic, lots of different modes keep the game interesting. 

For ages 16-18 (& above – adults can play, too!)

Arizona Sunshine 

This first-person shooter game is a lot more detailed, hence why it’s suggested for later teens and up. Over 25 weapons move as they would in real-life and free exploration lets you explore the vast desert in stunning 360-degree vision. 

An award-winning zombie adventure is made even more fun with friends! Up to 4 players can team up to battle the undead together.

Zero Caliber 

Put yourself in the midst of a war with this realistic shooter game. The action-oriented story puts you in the middle of a dystopian future where water is scarce and enemies are plentiful. It’s fast-paced so be ready to immerse yourself in heated battles with your friends!
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